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Let's get


We hope we aren't an anomaly...

but we actually like to implement suggestions from past nonprofit day surveys!

Past Nonprofit Day attendees asked for the opportunity to convene with like-minded professionals that have been in the field for a good deal of time. They wanted a longer, more intensive learning opportunity.

Well... folks, we have exciting news - conference attendees can now take advantage of an Inspirational Leader ticket or an Inspirational Fundraiser ticket at Nonprofit Day 2019!

AM Advanced track -

Inspirational Leadership:

The Future of Nonprofit Impact

This session is geared towards nonprofit CEOs & Executive Directors!

You've heard it before, and you'll hear it again: leaders never stop learning! If you feel like you're ready to develop your skills as a key leader at your organization, then this workshop is for you! Join Elizabeth and Aaron as they explore the concept of inspirational leadership while helping you to develop the five key attributes of this game-changing style.

presented by:
elizabeth cipolla & aaron phillips - decision associates

PM Advanced track -

Inspirational Fundraising:

igniting action

This session is geared towards professionals in nonprofit development!

We've all heard that fundraising is both an art and a science. So, too, is fundraising both inspiration and action. Join Ted, Jonathan, and Jeff as they explore the inspirational aspects of fundraising: how to inspire yourself, your leaders and your donors; how to maintain a vision for your work and career; and how effective fundraising is thoughtful, engaging and conceptual.

presented by:
ted wood; jonathan rilling; & jeff bagel, cfre